E-Commerce challenges in 2022
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What are your E-Commerce Challenges in 2022 In the previous two years, the e-commerce industry has hit many challenges. There are huge consequences the spread of the pandemic including reduced sales growth and reduced bookings on online shopping portals. In order to survive and thrive through these rough times, businesses of all sizes need to be as agile as possible. To deal with the challenges that merchants face, their C-suites should begin planning now for 2022. Here we break down some of the challenges they face and some ways to deal with them: Covid-19 poses difficulties in the supply chain This is the most common and timely challenge faced by e-commerce businesses. Supply chain impasse comes about when there is no chain involvement in the activities that begin or end in E-commerce business. It can be caused by many issues such as weather delays, quantity shortage, supply chain issues, or even loss of and...

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